ALAZA Rainbow セール価格 Color Llama No Drama Backpack P Stylish Large Boho Drama,Stylish,Llama,Color,Boho,P,,Backpack,ALAZA,21円,/avolate1521379.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Large,Rainbow,No 21円 ALAZA Rainbow Color Llama No Drama Boho Stylish Large Backpack P Electronics Computers Accessories ALAZA Rainbow セール価格 Color Llama No Drama Backpack P Stylish Large Boho Drama,Stylish,Llama,Color,Boho,P,,Backpack,ALAZA,21円,/avolate1521379.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Large,Rainbow,No 21円 ALAZA Rainbow Color Llama No Drama Boho Stylish Large Backpack P Electronics Computers Accessories

☆最安値に挑戦 ALAZA Rainbow セール価格 Color Llama No Drama Backpack P Stylish Large Boho

ALAZA Rainbow Color Llama No Drama Boho Stylish Large Backpack P


ALAZA Rainbow Color Llama No Drama Boho Stylish Large Backpack P

Product description


Size: 11.5(L) x 8 (W) x 16(H) in
Net weight: 15.52 oz
Capacity: 24L

Twill weave amp; braid amp; net pocket
Polyester amp; PU leather amp; EPE foam
The empty bag can stand upright.

1 main volume bag amp; 4 pockets inside, 1 front zip pocket amp; 2 side pockets.
Multi-function pockets for kinds of small items solves the problem of lost and messy.
The main volume bag has large capacity of 24l to put in a 15.6 inch laptop/tablet/iPad, an umbrella and a water bottle.

The empty bag can stand upright.
Simple and stylish geometry pattern, embellished on the handle and at the end of straps.
Padded back panel and shoulder strap provide comfortable carry experience in daily life.
Great value gifts for those who go to school, travel or work.

ALAZA Rainbow Color Llama No Drama Boho Stylish Large Backpack P

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