/abduct1154693.html,22円,Flameer,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Cover,,Motor,rajasthanadventuretour.com,Resistant,Full,UV,Waterproof,Outboard,Boat Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor 新作多数 UV Resistant Waterproof Cover 22円 Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor Cover, Waterproof UV Resistant Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /abduct1154693.html,22円,Flameer,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Cover,,Motor,rajasthanadventuretour.com,Resistant,Full,UV,Waterproof,Outboard,Boat Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor 新作多数 UV Resistant Waterproof Cover 22円 Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor Cover, Waterproof UV Resistant Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Flameer Full Outboard 国産品 Boat Motor 新作多数 UV Resistant Waterproof Cover

Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor Cover, Waterproof UV Resistant


Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor Cover, Waterproof UV Resistant

Product description


- The surface of cover made by polyester has great anti-sunlight , waterproof, dustproof, anti-wind and anti-cold.

- High density material - effectively block dust into the interior of motor .

- High sensitivity reflective performance - block ultraviolet ray,to some extent, protect the color of motor does not fade.

- Waterproof design - protect rain water and sea water into motor to keep it dry.

- Anti-scratch design - prevent the surface from scratching by sharp goods.


- Material: oxford fabric
- Color: Gray

Size Chart:

Size 1 - For 3.5-6 HP Engines

Height: 110cm/43.3inch

Circumference: 140cm/55.1inch

Size 2 - For 8 - 30 HP engines

Height: 137cm/53.9inch

Circumference: 165cm/65inch

Size 3 - For 25 - 100 HP engines

Height: 170cm/66.9inch

Circumference: 200cm/78.7inch

Size 4 - For 70 - 250 HP engines

Height: 197cm/77.5inch

Circumference: 248.5cm/97.8inch

Size 5 - For 200 - 300 HP engines

Height: 210cm/82.6inch

Circumference: 254cm/100inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Full Outboard Engine Boat Cover


Please allow slightly difference due to manual measurement. Color may be slightly different since different monitors. Thanks!

Your satisfaction is our priority. So we would deliver the highest quality products and services to meet your satisfaction.

Flameer Full Outboard Boat Motor Cover, Waterproof UV Resistant

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